How the stresses of life and running a business can take over your health. Fighting back for health. The sacrifices we make to be successful.

Here it is almost at 300 pounds and now at 124 pounds 1.5 years later. I sure fought back for my health. I grew up a very active and athletic child. The age of 26 when I started Saint Germain Catering was when all really begin. The day to day stress and worrying of starting a new business and at age 26 for sure took a toll on my health. The sacrifices we make to start a business comes with some heavy duty life changes. I slowly started gaining weight of course not having the time to eat right and workout correctly and long before you knew it I was working 80 to 90 hours a week and didn’t have time to even go to the bathroom some days. I gained weight slowly and long before you know it I was up 20 pounds and then to 40 pounds higher, and then suddenly by 2006 my injuries from early days of being in karate and gymnastic started creeping on my ankles. The wear and tear on my left ankle caused me to have a ankle replacement and that set me back to being in a wheelchair for a few years. My weight sky rocket another 80 pounds and I lost full mobility. I had to learn to walk all over again and that was not easy let me tell you. I continued to work as much as I could. The stress of worrying not to be able to move around for almost 2 years almost killed me. I was a active person always and then bang.

I fought back in early 2014 I started to workout and cut my eating habits and boy it started to come off slowly and slowly. I lost a total of 156 pounds in a year and have been able to maintain it now for over 4 months. The weight loss changed my life and it also allowed me to do what I love so much is Saint Germain Catering. The catering business you need to be able to walk and move around daily all day long in the kitchen to operations to the trash and name it. It is a moving business all day all night. I am so grateful to having the ability and courage to save my health. I now can run my beautiful business and so many other activities and enjoy life. Don’t ever give up on your health because it is all you have today.

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  1. Tracy Dail says:

    I think that’s great. I’m going through the same, need to lose 100 lbs . The stress of my job ,kids,finances have taken over my body. No time for anything and so tired.

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    1. minajee010 says:

      Tracy you have to fight back your health comes first. One hour a day to walk even. Trust me I know it’s so hard but once you make the choice you will do it.


    2. minajee010 says:

      Tracy I know it is tough but you come first. When you realize your health is first then everything else you will do it. Good luck.


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