Keeping it Real in Life

You meet some real good pure human souls in this lifetime. My visit to UPENN Vet School was almost tragic. My dog Tony had developed a ulcer and almost didn’t make it. The reason I ended up in Philly at UPENN is the trust and relationship of the doctors I have developed over the years. Over the past 10 years, both myself and Saint Germain Catering have donated money and funded projects to help in the research to find cures for common human diseases such as mammary tumors and breast cancer.

Dr. Julie Callahan, one of the top Internist in the country and Dr. Susan Volk, assistant professor of surgery an also an amazing researcher in our lifetime. The dedication, love and care I received during my 3 week stay helped save Tony’s life. They were not just there for Tony but they were there for me. Dr. Cara Blake and Dr. Callahan really held me together. They are real people and they do what the do for animals and the owners with love and compassion. They are all amazing women, mothers and friends.

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