Thanksgiving is about Giving Back All Year

Saint Germain Catering is about to enter its 17 year of being in business. I never lost sight of what is the most important thing to me. Yes, Giving back in every which way I can all the time. The  Entrepreneur side of me is remembering daily to give back to some cause or people in need.

Early young years I started from giving to charities like Ronald McDonald House and Fairfax Fire and Rescue. I raised money and gave free food or helped with private events to help children with illnesses at the Galleria at Tysons. I was always looking for a way to give back even if it was free food. My heart from early young was right on target. I was gifted the power of giving back and doing it as my daily life. I wake up thinking how can I help others in need.

The years have passed and through my own life experiences I have chosen some dear things that have touched my heart. My love for animals is one, so working with Upenn Vet School to further research for Breast Cancer and Stem Cell Therapy for Animal with Arthritis, and helping advance new techniques to advance Vet Medicine into the next decade. I continue to work daily with the researchers and doctors to help by giving funds or raising awareness of the anything new to help animals. I love being a part of Vet Medicine changing!

The injuries I suffered with my ankles is another area that leads me to help is Operation Homefront DC Chapter. They support all military families  in need that have wounded at war and in and out of Walter Reed Military Hospital or Fort Belvoir Hospital in Virginia. The handicap and disabled military has touched my heart in many ways. I was handicapped for years in a wheelchair too. I know how it feels not to be able to walk. I have seen so many soldiers suffer so much. I enjoying giving funds from Saint Germain Catering through food donations or charity events or funding to help feed some of the families during financial rough times.

This Thanksgiving is a day that should be all year around for everyone to give always. I can not be more grateful in life to have been gifted the ability to always give to others in need. Don’t forget the art of giving always, it always come back.

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