True Love and Passion for Food!

When my parents and I  first immigrated into the United States  in November of 1978 from Iran. We were only suppose to stay for a short time while my father attended a Masters program at GW. I was 7 years old at that time. I would have never guessed we would be staying for good in the USA. What a blessing it was for sure.

The second major surprise was  would have known we end up in the Food and Bakery Business. Thanks to my hardworking parents for paving the path. My parents early on purchased one of the only and oldest bakeries in the metro area.  The biggest shopping center in our area was Seven Corners at that time. Then their came Tiffany’s Bakery  on the lower level near Garfinkel’s. Yes that was the famous mall around our area. That was the real bakery of all times. Everyone came to Tiffany’s!

I learned how to bake breads and make danishes and watch our cake decorator make delicious cakes all day long. The weekends I spent 12 hours a day at the bakery watching fresh cinnamon bread and french breads and croissants come out of the oven. I made .25 cents so I could play Ms. Pacman for my daily work. That was my excitement for working hard for the day.

My father learned how to become a Master Baker and my mom worked 7 days a week till I can remember. They worked so hard and so dedicated and learned everything about running a business from inside out. I could have not asked for better role models. It automatically gave me the passion too.It was in our blood for sure.  That gave me the taste for wanting my own business one day too. The strength and passion and love they put into into the  Bakery painted my vision. I saw it all for myself early as a child.

Today I can tell you from all I saw and learned from the age of 7 years old has come into play in everyday. I wake up dreaming of food and creating new ideas and making it happen. The love I get from seeing a happy client tasting our foods warms my heart. I strive daily to help create new ways of bringing quality and passion into Saint Germain Catering. This year I worked so hard to find the Best Quality Chefs. I wanted to flavors and taste you could not find anywhere. I wanted more variety of everything from bakery to foods that no other competition could offer at the right price.  The understanding of quality and service together was my overall goal. My hard efforts the past year have brought exactly that to Saint Germain Catering.

The key is never to give up in something you believe in, specially if you have love and passion for it. It was a blessing having parents who set the right examples for me to see and feel from age 7 years old. Thanks Mom and Dad forever grateful in so many ways. I am 44 now and my love has grown more more for everything I do at Saint Germain Catering.

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  1. Shahnaz alexander says:

    Doug and I met your parents in that bakery on Seven Corners many years ago. I lived with my aunt in the same house where you lived as a baby. This Thanksgiving we are thankful for the gift of family.

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    1. minajee010 says:

      Thank you so much Shahnaz joon.


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