New Year’s Resolution and Ideas on How to Achieve Them

We are so close to ringing in the New Year already. The holiday season is already upon us many people thinking and planning already what changes in 2016 they will make. They are thinking of all the challenges they have overcome in the past year in 2015 and ready for 2016 to take start. I am sure everyone like myself is planning a list on paper or in their head?

I had some major lifestyle changes in 2015 and I kept a strong focus to achieve my goals even as challenging as they were. Here is some key things that helped me this year to suggest to you?

1.Get in shape slowly and even a 20 minute walk a day saves the mind and soul and will get you to a small start. Healthy for the mind and physically keep you moving along. Don’t rush into it a few minutes a day.

2.Improve your level of concentration and mental skills on everything you do. You have to try to control your mood and stress always.

3.Become more confident and take some risks to try new things. Your confidence will help you in every other thing you do in your life.

4. Get more rest and downtime and quality of sleep. If we don’t get good sleep we are not good for anything. It can throw off your balance in all you do daily.

5.Stay away from toxic and negative people in your life. They can suck your blood and slow you down and occupy your mind so that you loose your focus on yourself. You must focus on improving yourself.

6. Learn to give back to others that need help and make time to go out of your way to lend a hand daily to anyone in need. The gesture and the heart and kindness fulfills your heart daily.

7.Find a mentor or be a mentor to anyone in a any area you have experience in to help someone. You can give someone else your knowledge and time to help them grow in anyway.

8.Love yourself more than you ever have. Loving yourself and appreciating your heart will give you the confidence you deserve.

I think I have given you enough of some of the key things helped me in 2015 and will stay with me in 2016 and forever as I continue to grow as a person. We learn and live daily. Start your plans now and don’t wait!

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