A Mothers strength and love for her children.

I was born in Iran and after the revolution in 1978 we were forced to come to the United States. We did not have much of a choice due to the revolution and hostage situation in Iran. My mother and father packed up two young girls and came to the US with very few dollars. That is when the journey started in a new country called America.

The sacrifices my mother made for my sister and I to start a our new life in the US was harder than anything you can imagine. I was 7 years old when we arrived here in Washington DC. I remember soon as we arrived my mother started her first job at the Hair Cuttery cutting hair. She did not knowing really what else to do so she became a beautician and started to cut hair. Her and my father shortly after saved enough money  and decided to  purchase  a little bakery in Seven Corners called Tiffany’s Bakery. They knew nothing baking or running a business let alone a bakery. My mother was a school teacher back home and my father was in the schooling system in Iran. They were willing to try anything to make a decent living for my sister and I to have a better life here in America.

My mother started to work from 5am to 10pm 7 days a week to help our family survive and at the same time raise 2 young girls. Mariam was 10 and I was 7 years old. She worked 7 days a week without a day off for over 23 years of her life. She made every sacrifice to help our family survive in a this world. I watched her work all day and still make time to make sure we were taken care of at all times. She was a wife a mother and now a business owner all of the sudden. She did not look back she just made it all happen. Whatever it took whatever it was whenever she was doing it all her family. Days of standing on her feet for 17 hours a day didn’t matter to her. She was a survivor and so was my father.

I believe sharing my story of sacrifice my mother made for her children and family can help others realize more important things in life and what really matters. My sister and I  grew into two strong women who know own our businesses here in Northern Virginia. The strong mother we have was the key to help build our confidence as women that we can do anything we wanted in life.   Our mother is our rock and when we both feel we are falling apart she is right behind us to push us back up. She always has our backs still today 24/7 7 days a week. My mothers gift of sacrificing herself for her family has blessed us everyday of our lives. Thank you mother! The strength and unconditional  love and support and sacrifices paid off.  Everyday is mothers day for Mariam and I. Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful moms who sacrificed so much for their families. Everyone has a mother and without them we would not be here on this planet. Always remember the good of your mother.

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