Give back to your Employees and Stop the Greed in Businesses

A few years ago when the administration made changes to our healthcare system, I was determined to make sure my staff at Saint Germain Catering had the Best. I searched and searched to find out what was the best health insurance I could purchase. I had less than 50 Full-time Employees, so I was not one of the businesses that had to obtain or offer health insurance. Long story short I wanted the best for my staffs health, so I found Anthem Blue Cross. I was determined to make sure that the had no deductible whatsoever, or it would defeat the purpose of doing something so good for them. Then soon after I was able to give full paid dental insurance and disability and life as well. I made sure that all was paid by the company so that the Employee could take full advantage of taking care of their health. I treated them the way I wanted to be treated. My philosophy was we were all equal. I never cared I was the President of the Company, we all deserved to be treated the same.

The past 18 years I have owned Saint Germain Catering I made sure my staff had Free Meals daily for breakfast and lunches. It was so important for me that my staff gets a full balanced meal daily when they worked so hard. It was the least I could do for them. We have daily breakfast and lunches (family meals daily). I love eating with them daily it gives me so much joy. I get to spend quality time with them and share regular stories and hear about them and their families. I am grateful for each of them. We continue to have Birthday Parties and Company Day Events and Holiday Events and Employee of the Month Awards and so much more. I want to create a healthy and happy environment for them so that they look forward to coming to work daily.

I am a firm believer that you treat your clients and staff at the highest levels, because they are the reason we are in Business Today. They always come first in my eyes. I am always Grateful for the loyalty and dedication to Saint Germain Catering. That is the beauty we need to bring back in our businesses to make this world a more beautiful place.

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