The Beauty of Saint Germain Catering

The day I started Saint Germain Catering was a dream come true. I never thought the company would have grown like it has the past 18 years. I can tell you it has not been easy and getting harder each day. I look back when I started the company at age 26 years old. The challenge was so hard and tough in so many ways from getting funding to starting with no clients. Today the company has over 40 full time employees and 20 company trucks. We have become one of the only Top Leading Corporate & Event Catering Companies in the Country. We are 100% Women Owned which is very rare today. I am so proud of my accomplishments with the challenges today brings as a small business owner. My staff and clients keep me going everyday and give me hope and encouragement. The love and passion of my work has made me a better more giving person in this world. It pays to work hard and be honest and never forget where you come from.

I dedicate this Blog to my beautiful staff and clients who helped me get here today!

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