Do you know what kind of Chicken you are eating?

I wonder to myself when you decide to use a Caterer or Dine Out if people really know what they are really eating? It surprises me how many people are not educated on Food Quality and will eat from anywhere. I have for the past 20 years worked on purchasing the Best Quality of Foods in my Business. Saint Germain Catering is a rare breed by itself. I am not just bragging because I am the CEO. I have researched for the past 20 years every vendor who we purchase our foods from to make sure we buy only the Best and Healthiest, Freshest Quality.

Today people have high blood pressure and cholesterol and have stomach flu and upset stomachs. If they educated themselves on what they are eating we would be living in a much healthier world. The salt content in our meats today are ridiculous. Did you know that majority of companies buy a injected salt content chicken breast and serve it to customers and not really tell them. The reason is because it is cheaper to purchase for food establishments so the companies can make more profit on their food purchases. The other is it lasts longer on the shelves of the operators. In 20 years of having my business I have never purchased The injected sodium killer Chicken.

It kills me to see how sick people are getting today and don’t even know what they are eating. I strive daily to not ever cheat the customer and give them foods that I would eat myself and feed our staff. By the way our Random Chicken Breast we purchase from US Foods is a all natural chicken breast with no salt injection. It is so crucial to our clients health for us to make sure we protect their health. My team and I work hard with our wonderful vendors to make sure our clients always have the Best Quality even if it cost more to purchase.

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