Hurdles Facing Women Business Owners


Being a business owner is hard. Being a small business owner is even harder. Being a woman small business owner…now you’re just asking for trouble! While money is the number one focus of any business, let’s take a look at the top two hurdles woman running a small business face:

  • Perception – appearance aside, persuading customers, employees, and investors that your business model is the way to go is easier said than done. There is a fine line women walk to create a carefully calculated perception that they are equipped to be a leader. Being too friendly? You can bet on others thinking they can take advantage of you. Being too harsh? A surefire way to be called crazy (among other not-so-kind names). The stress of creating this “perfect” balance is exhausting in itself. Having this stress on top of all the elements that go into presenting your one of a kind vision to major investors or key clients is an unfortunate hurdle.
  • Culture – one of the many blessings of being a small business owner is having the opportunity to create an authentic team culture that breaks free from the strict corporate norm. Women tend to be more open with their emotions, why does it have to be so taboo to carry this over into the business world? Giving a hug as a job well done, crying after a tough day, having a mini dance party to celebrate a win would be considered incredibly inappropriate in a typical corporate setting but are such natural behaviors outside of work. Again, it is all about balance here and how to maintain an open and “real” environment while remaining professional. Creating a true-to-self culture can help to shape a unique company culture that brings employees closer together on a level that is just not achievable in big box businesses.

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