My mission with Saint Germain Catering is to help find a cure for Breast Cancer for humans through animals with Upenn Vet.

A few years back I had gone to Upenn Vet to help my Golden Retriever Maggie find a cure for a very rare form of cancer in the lining of her heart. Upon my visit I met Karin Sorenmo the head of Oncology. She was determined to help me save Maggie’s life. She tried a few breast cancer medications used on humans on Maggie. I was told by a local vet that Maggie had only 1 to weeks to live. My only option was to go Upenn Vet the Best Place on Earth to save your animal. I was willing to try anything to pro-long or save Maggie’s life.

The time period Maggie was sick was also a very hard time for me and she helped me forget about my illness and focus on her. I had a horrible accident and needed a ankle replacement that left me fully handicapped and unable to walk. Maggie’s illness help me forget my problems and focus on saving her. Dr. Karin Sorenmo gave me so much hope. The bond and relationship I built with Dr. Sorenmo and the Oncology team at Upenn Vet let me to help support the Mammary Tumor Program at Upenn.

You can read more about how this program has helped to find a cure for Breast Cancer for Women through a Shelter Animal Program that helps dogs with Breast Cancer. Her program blew my mind and immediately through my business Saint Germain Catering. I immediately created a cupcake program and gave 100% proceeds to help the program move forward. This will be the 4th year I am involved. This program is amazing and with Dr. Sorenmo and Dr. Volk it is moving forward to help save lives today.

Thank you to all who have helped make such a success of this program and Dr. Sorenmo and Dr. Volk and the Oncology team at Upenn Vet. Maggie and I thank you everyday. Further information check out the link to Dr. Sorenmo Mammary Tumor Program at Penn Vet.

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